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Beyond Customer’s Expectation.

Brief Intro

We venture into state-of-art 3S (sales, service and spare parts) of Horizontal Directional Drills (HDD), along with Guilin Huali Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. - our esteemed partner, leading manufacturer as well as the leader of the no-dig field in China mainland.

With the large production plant of trenchless technology research, trenchless construction technology developing and supporting, and HDD machine manufacturing with accessories possessed by our esteemed partner in China mainland, we conduct operations in Malaysia to meet an ever-glowing level of demand for trenchless technology products.

About Us


We aim to offer high-quality trenchless technology equipment for the utilities construction industry at a price which is competitive in comparison to other premium-quality commercial machinery providers in the market. We believe there is a current untapped market opportunity because:

Existing providers of construction machinery are too diversified to serve the increasingly specialized needs of the utilities construction segment.

The incorporation of greater precision controls within such machinery will greater serve the needs of this segment of the construction machinery industry.

Keys to Success

Our keys to success will include:

  • Keys to Success

    A high level of quality in the product line

  • Keys to Success

    Strategic market segmentation through competitive price

  • Keys to Success

    Maintaining and growing its referral networks to generate new and repeat sales

  • Keys to Success

    Reduces costs, improving efficiencies of operations through technology